Skydive Aruba is a tandem skydiving operation licensed and insured . You can experience the thrill of skydiving with minimal training while connected to one of our experienced instructors. The adventure begins when we pick you and your instructor and airport shuttle . Our plane will travel two tandems , so all you have to decide is who will go first ! You will experience freefall for about 50 seconds at an altitude is 20,000 feet.

The tandem jump is the shortcut for visitors to jump without the hassle of instruction in Skydive Aruba. It takes a 10 minute walk in our Cessna 100 at 15,000 feet instead of + for the final output – extreme pressure a 35 second free fall ! Then slide freely and safely to a landing in a large colorful parachute . You will not be able to stop smiling ! Almost everyone can skydive – If you are 20 years or older , weigh less than 240 pounds and are in good health , you are good to go a Skydive Aruba.

On October 4, 2012 , I visited Skydive Aruba after months of waiting. We booked our jumps two days in advance , but was delayed for several hours by bad weather on the island. However, the team of Skydive Aruba was great to keep us informed about the weather and therefore, changes in our plans . As soon as the weather improved , they called to confirm our anxiety leap and headed back to Skydive Aruba.

The small log cabin on the site was definitely unpretentious and a little unsettling to say the least , but his casual appearance certainly reflects the personality of the team of Skydive Aruba. All were warm, friendly and relaxed , and we were received. We paid for the initial jump and started signing our life away from all the paperwork they gave us.

As a group of four , we were informed that trained divers carry both. The first two, with divers could take the bus to the airport , where they would receive brief instructions before boarding the plane. Skydive Aruba, which was also the landing point .

Besides the jump, Skydive Aruba offers photos and videos of your experience for an additional cost , and therefore , divers began filming in transportation, ask questions about our expectations and make jokes like ” Hope it gets better than jumping for Skydive Aruba” ” do you ever find the girl ” , ” most of your ” to me, this was the scariest part – the part where I could go back in that moment .

At the airport , we had fifteen minutes easy to follow and easy to remember, and instructions are attached to our harnesses , and entertaining while being filmed by divers. The pilot was as relaxed as office decoration and Skydive Aruba , in his shirt and shorts. The plane sat at the five of us comfortably . The two divers and two clients qualified low to the floor of the aircraft, as the first pilot , I sat near the door with his back against the controls. Though a bit awkward , it was not as alarming as the open space of the aircraft door next to my left leg. The friend who jumped with claims that air transport was the most desperate of the nerve, but for me, what ‘s done is done , and I had already decided my fate when I’m on the plane.

The plane of a circle of about ten minutes, which is mounted at an altitude of 15,000 feet . At this point , divers began to strap us – a task that is not evident in the floor of a narrow plane , but they did it quickly and without any problems at Skydive Aruba. Then my diver warned me that it would open the door and reminded me of my instructions. My task was to set foot on the outer edge of the plane once the door opened . Against ourselves bound to our divers , however , was quite difficult. You can not imagine the force of the wind when you open the door unless this is not your first jump, and put your feet on the rim was certainly more difficult than ‘ expected. Unfortunately , I did, and although it felt like a lifetime , in just a few Skydive Aruba.

Needless to say, the reality of what is really a slap about as you sit on the edge of the plate, but fortunately , only 0.7 of a second to think before shooting the diver at both . The first few seconds of the plane immediately are both terrifying and amazing. It’s a feeling like no other that quickly fades as you begin to free fall for 30-35 seconds. This was the best part for me . If you always wanted to know what it feels like to fly, this would be Skydive Aruba.

When the diver released the parachute, we arranged our flight level decisively . Continue well on the island for about eight to 10 minutes, and I even had the opportunity to drive a couple of times . Skydive Aruba from the top are absolutely breathtaking Aruba and the adrenaline rush that he had done so late.


Skydive Aruba

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