A great day for the families of Southport Skydiving Airkix Manchester

Airkix is the perfect place for a unique and exciting day out with the kids or corporate parties

Skydiving is a big experience for every person to Airkix Manchester.

If you are concerned about any of the criteria , please contact us to discuss , we will do our best to help you fly . Obviously , anyone with a history of neck, back , heart problems or shoulder dislocation should consult your doctor before flying in Airkix Manchester. Under eighteens also require a signed by the parent or guardian.

Imagine a wind tunnel that could be used to test the aerodynamics of an F1 racing car , right , fold gently into the air and you are Airkix Manchester. The best way to see what we are talking about is to see one of Airkix Flix . You get the idea quickly .

Airkix Manchester the idea of ​​flying indoors is first tried by the U.S. military in 1970.

In 1985 , a pair of vertical wind tunnel opened in Tennessee and Las Vegas and the first tunnel opened to skydiving Florida , in 2000 .

It has been operating since then with great success and reliability.

MK is the seventh Airkix tunnel to be built by SkyVenture and first in Europe and Airkix Manchester is the second and 17th respectively.


Airkix work simple and safe. The tunnel circulate the air in a flight chamber .

To enter the tunnel you just keep the door open and leans forward.

Feel his servant under which assumes a horizontal flight leg position . Congratulations, you are now in full flight !

The instructor will help you get in a neutral position before learning basic flight movements .

Includes moves up and down, forward , backward, turn sideways and all are simple and easy to master and you’ll soon learn new tricks.

The indoor skydiving experience provided by Airkix is always popular with children. In September , we added a visit to Airkix in Manchester and we got to meet some of the new faces of the Royal Irish Rangers , Royal Logistics Corps , the persons named in the regional rehabilitation units St Than and Cattier and members of BESMEAR injured last year in Airkix Manchester.

Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the experience “pupil ” , which was followed by dinner and overnight at the hotel. Our guests went home with a very positive impression on the work of the not forgotten and willing to participate in future events.


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