This is not necessarily the Skydiving Weight Limit , the question is whether the straps can be adjusted safely.

This is not necessarily the weight limit , the question is whether the straps can be adjusted safely.

I jumped to 400 men who were a combination of muscle and low body fat and do not need a special parachute and Skydiving Weight Limit .

You can jump in tandem, where an instructor takes advantage behind you and you are in the front to enjoy the ride ,

tandem jumps has the advantage of more free fall and reducing the cover and you’ll jump to a skydiver or experienced teacher indicates the Skydiving Weight Limit .

Tandem parachute is larger for the weight , and as it is not uncommon to have 500 or 550 in total with the instructor and invited the weight limit issue is not a real problem.

If you are morbidly obese and a little big, Skydiving Weight Limit may not be possible to find a drop that can connect securely to you.

Check with a local school in your area, everyone jumps never disappointed , the experience is unmatched.

Although there are no restrictions for skydiving , weight and size are two things that are important. You can see the weight limits for our dropzone here . Skydiving Weight Limit If you participate in a solo jump (AFF or Static Line ), then there are a variety of size / weight of medical and explanatory notes on the fitness level is necessary.

Tandem jumps are a little different , but the weight is always an important factor . Tandem own whole team has a maximum weight limit that must not be exceeded – which includes the student and instructor in tandem. Some instructors have soft dropzone students can jump heavier , but in general, the weight limit is 20 stone. Skydiving Weight Limit should also be taken into consideration, GAP Statistics show that if a student BMI greater than 28 stand a greater risk of injury (approximately twice the risk for a man and a woman ) .

Once you have made ​​your documents and training camp will be scheduled jump. The time will depend on your arrival time , time and size of your group. Plan to spend up to 7 hours , as it can take time to Skydiving Weight Limit.

We offer a combination or trendy purple pants , but you should wear comfortable clothing appropriate time and wear shoes that will not fall and have no hooks. No boots, flip flops or sandals, it’s Skydiving Weight Limit.

You should be able to parachute with almost any type of disability . If you have health problems, consult your doctor if the parachute does not matter. Also tell your instructor before any problem, especially if you have back or joint problems . If you have any physical disabilities that are not safe, Skydiving Weight Limit may need proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to jump .

Clouds , rain and wind can prevent skydiving occurs . The clouds must be at least 7000 feet above Skydiving Weight Limit the ground to do a tandem , then you can not leave the plane at 8000 feet If the winds are too strong, can not land in shelters safely. Blue is the best.

Skydiving Weight Limit

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