Can I die? How safe is skydiving? 

 you can die in the street, so How safe is skydiving. but your chances of getting into a car accident and dieing are higher than dying in the tandem jump with an instructor. Remember also that even if there was a power loss is not a parachute. This is as safe a sport as you prepare for it (packaging falls, etc. ) , and instructors are usually very well prepared.

jumps each year. They also estimate that more than 300,000 people make their first jump every year. It seems that many people go . However, the truth is that less than 1 % of the population has never made ​​a leap , and almost everyone can do it. Why is that? Perhaps in part because of what the knowledge base , people – especially his mother – intuitively understand a system failure 90% of your team is almost certain to result in death . We do not live in a safe society . Every day we wake up , leave the house and take risks , whether driving your car to work or walk , there is always an unpredictable risk involved. We try to minimize the risk of doing things smarter, more secure and defensive. Skydiving is no different, and to weigh the risk to drive your car against being involved in a car accident
is skydiving safe. We weighed the risk of fun involved with skydiving against being involved in a skydiving accident . Most people are willing to take the risk of driving to work and ask How safe is skydiving. The paratroopers are ready to jump in order to achieve human flight . How safe is skydiving ? Skydiving is actually one of the safest sports called “extreme” . Let’s be honest : this is not bowling . After all that is jumping out of a plane to reach over 120 miles per hour, but not Russian roulette is . Each year about 30 people die skydiving in the United States , and more than 3 million parachute jumps . Given the opportunity, you’re better than skydiving Tell driving a car. Each year, more than 40,000 people die in traffic accidents , more than 4000 people were killed in fishing accident (drowning ), more than 800 are killed while riding a bicycle , and about 70 die standing outside of a ray ( Warning: these figures do not take into account the number of participants) . OK so you get the idea ! With better equipment and training , the risks are further reduced . We find the technology nowadays are not students die is people experience . They push their limits beyond the expected range. Poor judgment and errors represent over 90 % of all deaths of skydiving. We at Air Capital Drop Zone to understand that training and know your limits would reduce the risk even further.Sky diving is a risky business , but if you are qualified , have a good team and jump in approved areas is less risky than we can guess . About 40 people die each year from skydiving. How safe is skydiving, this is almost half of those killed. Like anything is skydiving safe that requires near perfection every time , careful preparation is important to reduce the risk so it is skydiving safe.

How safe is skydiving ? Modern Skydiving is very safe. may seem scary , it’s almost impossible to die . If your parachute fails ( most likely not )
you have a parachute . If it is a fault ( he prefers winning the lottery, then it is ) , you can still survive the fall into the water or trees and slow the spread of your body. You can die , but it is highly unlikely

how safe is skydiving

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