If you want to skydive in Chicago or Milwaukee area , you have found the right place. Skydive Midwest Skydiving Center is the closest to Chicago and Milwaukee.

Located just 15 miles off the coast of Lake Michigan , panoramic Skydive Midwest is the only skydiving center overlooking the Chicago skyline – the best view of the Chicago area , definitely!

review and why not visit once in a lifetime experience ? Skydive Midwest , near Racine , was a great place to do my first tandem jump ! First ? Thought “once in a lifetime” means “once” !) With Group , diving was affordable and worth the price of skydive Midwest.

Reserved to 15:00 Sunday , I immersed myself in about 18 hours . Others in my group of 22 went early , just to give you an estimate of time. Weekend, I hear, can be a bear , but there are picnic tables , bean bags , a grill, and more generally the waiting area is not bad . I heard you made ​​a lot of improvements , so if you have not been in a while , there are new bathrooms, the machine inner and outer life of waiting, and vending machines. They could use a puppet to have to bring or buy water for 3 hours hoping that seems unnecessary to skydive Midwest.

The training  (if you can call it that) was really depressed. The young man who went through it was a little flip , and not as complete as I would have preferred the risk. I noticed another man (old) had questions , skydive Midwest maybe I’m a little less of a risk taker who want to know the right steps in the jump . But others in the training were clearly nervous jokes or die ” feeling out today ” may be better if you take into account at this stage in the process of jumping .

I talked with another rider in our group and had not gone through the training, and I wondered how the tandem jump . The good thing is that when you go according to the speed, the instructor is with you again . My dive was to ” Kicked ” and it was amazing . I had some questions in the air, and he went through the whole process, and I felt at ease, but also for me pumped for skydive Midwest.

– skydive Midwest is 10 minutes from the plane to alt . of ~ 15,000 feet is a bit disconcerting , but also decided if the world were to end , these risk adventure paratroopers would be a great good to be paired with ! The dive instructor will review with you at this time.

– 3 Jump! Jumping out of a plane has a lot of faith . On your computer, and your instructor. Let Go is all you can do a skydive Midwest.

– Free Falling ‘! I’m sure Tom Petty never jumped out of a plane , and metaphorically speaking. Because this game is not as relaxing as your dream song . skydive Midwest not as bad as I thought it would be. Go 150 mph for 19-47 seconds to agricultural fields is pretty cool .

– Parachute ! When you open the parachute , which is very good . The instructor then defeated my hip clips for it and then check my comfort level . He made some 380 laps , then let me take the fall! I did some 650s in each direction , and it was fun . It’s very relaxing , and offers incredible views .

– Landing ! Sweet skydive Midwest. You slide in the ass and get some grass stains , so it takes no bright colors. High five your instructor , and advice are appreciated for good service .

48 hours after your jump, you can re-book at a discount. And if you want to get the whole experience on video, suggest that, for a little over $ 100 . Cool if you’re celebrating a birthday, or not, but I found it quite unforgettable tandem jump , and do not feel the need to share . Oh , except for this very long review ! Thanks , Skydive Midwest !

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