Come experience Florida Skydive space center in beautiful Space Coast just a short drive from Orlando , Florida. We offer everything you need to tandem jump in central Florida or take our accelerated freefall training including parachuting professional video services and skydiving photo services . Experienced drivers visiting the Orlando area can take advantage of our skydiving accommodations , take one – on-one skydiving lessons , and learn from our skydiving event near Space Coast .
We have many resources skydiving you need to know when skydiving in Central Florida , as what to wear paragliding in our Skydive space center.

While you’re here , do not forget to check our prices jump, purchase skydiving gift certificates , read skydiving testimonials from our satisfied clients , and more about our highly skilled Skydive space center instructors learn.

We have stunning views of the Space Coast . During his trip to the altitude , you are treated to panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean , the Indian River and the Kennedy Skydive space center including all the launch sites and the main shuttle assembly building . Usually fly directly over the Space Center runway where the connection drops . This stunning tour is only available Skydive Space Center and is included with all jumps without charge. We also offer this scenic ride of all riders in the group not wishing to travel with you on the plane.

The tandem jump is by far the most popular way to do your first jump in time. With minimal ground training , you are able to experience the thrill of free fall for nearly a minute before your tandem jump master opens the parachute Skydive space center.

The tandem jump is by far the fastest, safest and most convenient to experience a true free fall skydiving as first time riders . Skydive Space Center to specialize in first time tandem jumps , jump and take you to the world’s highest tandem .

After your parachute opens , you’ll have a beautiful parachute 5 minutes. Florida Skydiving Center is at its best ! Since the monitor is with you all the way to landing , no need to worry about anything during your jump Skydive space center , except to remember to relax and have fun ! Your instructor will take care of everything that you will enjoy

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