In Skydive Temple I sat there , with his legs dangling on a plane 14,000 feet in the sky , wondering what exactly are made parachute.

” Are you ready for this? ” Former military instructor shouted in his ear . I mumbled something in between and Oh Skydive Temple, but the wind has swept away my words .

” Very good ! Let’s do it ! ” He grabbed my shoulder. With my three in the world, to two to one hesitated. I saw a small white plane flying to bend toward the ground.

Skydive Temple is one of the few areas of skydiving extensively in central Texas. Located in Salado , Texas, is a meeting place for extreme sports nuts throughout the region . You may have seen while driving between DFW and happy building Austin.It blue and green manicured lawns and people falling from the Skydive Temple .

Mark and Chris are the owners of the place, and brought Austin to sit and discuss concerns.

I asked Penny why she and her husband operate as a single company. Skydiving temple is really nice , we are a family,” said Penny. ” Everyone here is locked and he really loves to jump . We like to offer the community and showing new people what it is.

The family business is correct. All about Skydive Temple is discreet and informal. My jump was scheduled for 10:00 am, so I had time to get to know the regulars. When I think about the kind of people who love to skydive , I think of the young guys with spiky hair and motorcycles. Its X – CRÈME type type type sports .

These guys were around, of course. I was surprised , however , by the number of people mingle and chat with their uniforms. I think that skydiving was for me, but I quickly found out that skydiving can be for everyone. Men and women of all social classes Skydive Temple sat before coffee , waiting for the plane to Skydive Temple.

People ask me what skydiving feels as if it’s scary. The best answer I can give is unnecessary and yes. I did my best to be brave during the whole experiment . Skydive Temple I jumped out of a moving plane , but a little anxiety is probably a good thing.

The flight up is definitely the hardest part of the experience. I was the person closest to the door , I saw cows and cars shrink as our plane mounted . It also meant , I discovered 14,000 feet later, I was the first to jump . We climbed higher, until the views of the central Texas countryside stretching for miles. In Skydive Temple I was amazed by the magnificent view until Phil told me it was time to take the leap.

Skydive Temple

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