Skydiving San Antonio is for those of you who want to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to meet the training requirements designed to jump solo, tandem jump is for you. Please note that prices are for pre – booking only reservation, walk- ins are welcome and can be accommodated subject to space, but an additional charge will apply .
A tandem jump is a fun experience you will never forget in Skydiving San Antonio . During the Skydive you harnessed to one of our expert instructors tandem to ensure your safety and enjoyment .

Your experience begins with the ” one-on -one instruction from your instructor who will take you through a step detailed description of the different stages of his parachute to prepare for ” Gear Up ” for Skydiving San Antonio.

Its ride height in one of our turbine aircraft speed , it takes about 20 minutes this is Skydiving San Antonio. You will be harnessed to your tandem instructor and experience about 50 seconds of free fall ( until deployed the parachute ) , followed by a 5 round canopy that will lead to a soft landing minute .

Buy a package of personalized DVD and one of our experts will accompany cameramen tandem jump through experience and produce a DVD of 10 minutes. Skydiving San Antonio will be accompanied and filmed while preparing ( pre interview – jump) , while in the ( describe how you feel during the ride to altitude, during free fall ( see how you look at 150 mph) , and of course landing (to capture his comments after his experience full of adrenaline) and do not forget , the price includes a free set of digital photos taken during your jump.

Skydiving San Antonio experienced skydivers hosts throughout the year . Our flight to the speed of the turbine will transport you in the comfort of 15,000 feet in 30 minutes or less . Discover first Skydiving facility in central Texas and the only DZ in the area of flying a twin.

Facilities include in the package room , swimming pool, cafeteria , large open landing , paved , free camping , Skydiving San Antonio and a warm welcome from our professional and dedicated air conditioning.

Skydiving San Antonio is a member of the USPA , so you must have a current USPA membership to jump with us. However temporary USPA membership are available to visit the paratroopers.

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