At Skydive Sebastian , a member of the Group of the United States Parachute Association , you will experience the tandem jump on the coast of Florida , with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop ! Enjoy stunning views of the coast of Florida and the Atlantic Ocean during freefall and under cover during the flight. Skydive Sebastian is the only skydiving center in Florida that can offer this landscape for your tandem skydive ! Our pictures and videos tell the story better than words. Why Skydive experience their first ” inside” on the Treasure Coast Skydive Sebastian invites ?

The apparent main hangar houses , DZO office , concessions video and rigging , training rooms and Tandem AFF . Video screen TVs mounted on the wall and includes a TV debriefing paratroopers. Gear lockers and supports drilling can also be found here .

The Zoo Bar and Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. Menu specializes in salads , pasta dishes and sandwiches. Serving beer and wine inside and observation deck . The Zoo Bar hosts with wireless Internet access for those who need to ” keep in touch ” . After the ” Prop Stop” wine and beer are available for evening festivities at the Zoo Bar or Tick Hut outside.

Skydive Sebastian the ultimate experience amazing throbbing pulse in the Space Coast , Skydive Sebastian offers lovers of extreme adrenaline adventure under the sun . Just a hop , skip and a “jump” of the city of Melbourne , the company has thousands of paratroopers in the air with tandem and accelerated freefall courses since its opening in 1984 .

Go up the first time and maddening 14,300 feet and then launched into a 40 seconds free fall in tandem. Arrow towards Earth at over 220 miles per hour, parachutists get spectacular views of the Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean .

If you think that the race ends when the parachute opens , think again! Participants receive a five minute parachute land slide on the side of the stage .

“We have a great team here with an excellent safety record ,” said Amanda Owens , a paratrooper of seven who manages Skydive Sebastian . All instructors are highly qualified, with thousands of jumps and are certified by the Association of United States Parachute .

And if you fancy chocolates and bouquets are not yours Valentine Skydive Sebastian thought of you: During the month of February, the package Shove Your Love will be available for couples looking for something special . Couples will enjoy tandem jumps with video, picnics prepared for two and souvenirs.

If you are an expert or just thrill-seeking rider, you will enjoy one of the most fascinating of a skydiving center can provide places. Undoubtedly , Skydive Sebastian offers an experience that is truly out of this world .

Skydive Sebastian

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