skydiving in Oklahoma is an amazing, adrenaline end . A parachute jump is so incredibly fun , just no words to describe it . Bring your nerves of steel and buckets of courage to jump experience that is fun for everyone!

Enjoy a breathtaking view as you experience the ultimate adventure at Skydive Tulsa. Call today to reserve your place at Skydive center nearest metropolitan area , and see why you should choose skydiving in Oklahoma !

Center Skydiving in Cushing Oklahoma is one of the largest and most experienced skydiving schools of Oklahoma. Located on 450 acres Cushing Regional Airport , skydiving in Oklahoma offers visitors the equipment , installation, training , methods , staff and the landing area clear need for a student -friendly environment .

skydiving in Oklahoma uses only USPA qualified instructors and training methods and equipment designed and manufactured for student use . Any art student is equipped with awnings main square, Plaza de reserve canopies , automatic shooting devices , static lines and backup altimeters . In addition , each student has a private guide radio frequency personally fly Motorola awning.

skydiving in Oklahoma uses an innovative mix of practical exercises , lectures and videos to explain the steps to make a parachute jump . Part of the gradual formation available at the center include simulation systems that teach canopy flight control harness functions , procedures and aircraft sorties . We analyze , describe and apply skills Skydiving .

There are three types of jumps are available including solo , skydiving in Oklahoma tandem and accelerated freefall . The most popular method of learning to jump is the first solo jump . This method begins with a ground training 5 hours , followed by a solo jump . Aided by an instructor , participants will leave the aircraft at about 5,000 m . After an exhilarating free fall of about 700 m, the participants begin down the deck to skydiving in Oklahoma.

The free fall accelerated method has a low plane at 15,000 feet with two instructors to support and guide participants through 45 seconds of free fall . Accelerated Free Fall Training begins with a ground training 6 hours , after which participants will make their first jump . Tandem jumps are also available. After a short training period , participants will be utilized for a certified tandem instructor will help you through a free fall of about 50 seconds from an altitude of 10,000 feet and 7 minutes from skydiving in Oklahoma.

skydiving in oklahoma

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