In skydive New England every year, nearly half a million people in the United States successfully jump from a plane for the first time tandem skydiving .

For over three decades , Tandem jumping has given millions of people the opportunity to easily discover the thrill of a lifetime while being attach

The U.S. Parachute Association affiliated skydiving centers across the country who have agreed to follow the rules and safety recommendations and use only skydive New England. These centers perform tandem skydiving in a professional manner and make safety a priority tandem student . For anyone interested in making a first jump, USPA highly recommend visiting a skydive New England.

 Skydive Cape Cod was the only drop zone in Cape Cod since 2010 and made ​​more than 20,000 jumps in tandem on the beaches and the stunning landscapes of Cape Cod. We are the Original skydiving center with more experience specializing in first -time riders . skydive New England over the past six years , we have provided our students with the most comprehensive training , safer and reliable find there.

Skydive Cape Cod is a proud member of the USPA , and since its inception in 2010. Our staff is carefully selected , experienced instructors, chosen by our head instructor Jimmy Mendonca 14,000 jumps. In addition , our staff is 100% drug to skydive New England !

ed to a tandem instructor certified . skydive New England and tandem equipment manufacturers have certification programs in place to ensure that only experienced skydivers can become skilled in tandem instructors and anyone who makes a tandem instructor rating receive appropriate training and understand the procedures for the proper placement and support to students in tandem harness . Incidents can occur, as they do in any sport . However, the sport of skydiving has maintained an impressive safety record , with about seven million deaths by parachuting in the United States each year. Most of tandem skydiving is even better, with only 3 deaths per million students parachuting over the past decade to skydive New England.

skydive New England

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