Dubai skydive – My experience

Dubai skydive life is in danger, but it is about to receive assistance in the form of eco warriors skydiving.

Skydiving Dubai devotes an entire day to clean local waters as part of a campaign in order to help people understand the importance of coastal areas of Dubai skydive.

More than 80 countries will participate at 7am , Dubai skydive around the palm . The event is added to the record books as the largest submarine cleaning Guinness .

There is no better way to embark on a trip to the United Arab Emirates, which offers views of a jump with Skydive Dubai . Since the beginning of serious fun Soarers bridges , Skydive Dubai offers a unique opportunity in life for all. Located on the waterfront in the iconic Palm Jumeirah , a birds eye view of Dubai skydive is an unforgettable experience .

Easily accessible by subway , bus or shuttle , visitors to Skydive Dubai should look beyond the Radisson Royal Hotel , Dubai. Located in the heart of the city , this cozy luxury hotel is ideally located close to major attractions such as Skydive Dubai, Dubai Mall and Dubai skydive .

A Skydiving is an activity to do on the list of many travelers of all ages, and it offers spectacular views Skydive Dubai does not disappoint. Located on a peninsula dedicated to Dubai Waterfront , Dubai jumped rewards decks overlooking the Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands , Dubai Marina and the famous Burj of Dubai skydive.

Single, double or group breaks can be taken in order all the way to the center of Dubai skydive and beyond . From the desert to the sea on the heights of the world’s tallest building , the panoramic views of the drop zone Dubai are unbeatable.

Guests at the Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai can prepare for spectacular views of Skydive Dubai with a dip in the pool on the roof of the hotel , overlooking the city center. With a number of dining options , rooms and suites and world-class spa , downtown Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai is an ideal place to relax after a lifetime experience

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