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Skydiving games is used to certain rules – which implies that the visual data are fed is truly representative of reality. That’s why a video game or other immersive experiences can produce the sensation of falling or cause dizziness in some people. YouTube Dan Bernstein took things to the next level with Oculus Rift , a game demo skydiving , and a tree.

Bernstein, a student of computer science, itself hanging from the tree 15 feet on the ground with a series of ropes. The harness is stable, but allowed sufficient freedom of movement to react to the game. He could not sway and bend the simulation took around obstacles and tunnels. To really complete the illusion , a fan Bernstein established in harness to give the feeling of the past rushing air . Not used for the video, however, because of Skydiving games .

Skydiving games is used for platform called VR Skydiving Bernstein , created by dreams developer. In this game , the player must maneuver around obstacles floating in free fall before finally crashing to the ground . The propulsion unit was designed to play Rift Oculus , but can also be run on a regular monitor. Skydiving dreams is just a demo to test ideas . The final product may include the collection of objects, Randall physics , and jumps as , among other features to Skydive Temple.

This parachute demonstration is an excellent example of what the Oculus Rift is already capable of platform development. Bernstein said that the lenses must be carefully calibrated to avoid motion sickness , and it usually takes Dramamine before boarding the Skydiving games.

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