CAMP MASTERS is 6 Week Running Efficiency Course : http://tiny.cc/v15a6w

• Video tutorials walk you via every move of the way throughout the 6 week progra6 Week Running Efficiency Course.
• three Phases to Program : hases as followed. Foundational, Process & Mastering you Gait.
• Dynamic Walking Form Drills : If done consistently, you will notice a noticeable difference in your Gait.
• Limitless Videos : These Videos are strictly there to Help you become the Most Efficient Runner as feasible.
• Beyond the Work, The Tools : Everything an Elite Runner ought to know. Proper cool-Down, Runner Yoga exercise, Self-Massage, Energetic Stressing and many others.
• one on one : After the 6 Week Work, basically Record yourself Walking & E-mail it to us, & they will help you seal the deal along with your New Walking Gait.