American Pie actor Jason Biggs co-starred with the late Paul Walker in Disney’s 2006 movie Frozen.  He, along with many other former co-stars, fans, friends and family are mourning the death of the forty year old actor.  Walker was killed in a fiery car crash in California on Saturday afternoon.  Biggs happened to stop at a coffee shop and noticed two tip jars.   One tip jar was labeled “The Fast and Furious,” the other had a sign that read, “Varsity Blues.”

He tweeted a pic of the jars and said, “Umm, am I crazy, or does this seem exploitive and in poor taste? @CoffeeBeanLA.

One fan did tweet and ask his pick for favorite movie.  His response?  Varsity Blues

Do you think it was in poor taste? 

Wheel of Fortune had a case of poor timing yesterday.  The episodes of the show that air are taped months ahead…

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